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Waves Digital Media promotes the advertisers to market their products in quality websites. Publishers use our services to outsource their ad operations with relatively lower cost. Ad server and Ad Network/Ad Exchange set-ups are most important factors in a publishers success and our team helps the clients to maintain successful businesses throughout the years with DSP, DFP, Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges. We support the client to set a DFP Ad Server, maintain DFP or optimise the current set up of the Ad Networks/Ad Exchanges. We also provide our service hands in DSP, DFA, DFP and SSP Platforms.

  • Advertising strategy and campaign planning
  • Creative and design development
  • Ad Operations
  • DFP & DFA
  • Campaign Set Up & optimization for Display, Mobile, Video & Social Channels
  • Media planning, buying and monitoring [CPM, CPC & CPA]
  • Building retargeting segments
  • Best-in-Class Reporting & Analytics
  • Screen Grab
  • Web Design


Who we are

Waves Digital Media is a startup founded an aspiring software professional, who worked extensively in enterprise software consulting and implementation. With much passion for the paced growth of the web application and digital advertising. The founders who are young entrepreneurs have always dreamt of bringing up technology to the common man which narrowed down to the choice of digital advertising, e-publishing and content management space.

The leaders have around 5 years of working experience in public and private sectors in India, the strong relationship with potential contacts in the software and digital advertising in India. We help the clients to achieve their marketing goals through precise planning, set-up and execution of online display, video, mobile and social campaigns with increased ROI.

Waves Digital Media with a noble and ambitious vision of providing optimal technology solutions to clients with the highest emphasis on quality, integrity and timeliness. Our long term vision of diversification led to Waves venturing Digital Advertising Services. This has led to the organization increase its visibility and expertise in multiple areas and put us in good stead in handling assignments of highly critical nature.

We are offering the following services:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Content Transformation (PDF to XML / E-PUB)
  • Data/Format Conversion – iPod, Mobi, Kindle, Vbk and Fixed layout

Our Principle is Knowledge, Objectivity, Competence, Confidentiality and Most Effective.


Programmatic Direct

Our team expertise in major DSP such as Turn, Efficient Frontier. We offer services for buying and selling, planning the campaigns [Display, Mobile, Video & Social] and produces reports for ad networks, DSPs, exchanges and SSPs. We do insertion order (campaign) creation, creative upload, campaign monitoring and optimization, screen grab and troubleshooting.


Our team supplies services that enable publishers to deliver campaigns in quick and efficient manner to achieve their revenue targets. We serves campaign trafficking with banners and provides campaign planning and optimization, troubleshooting, build all type of targeting, Reporting and Analysis and Blacklisting & Whitelisting sites.


We provides attention on measurable results from highly targeted campaigns. We expertise on managing ad servers include DFA and Atlas. We set up various campaigns with third party tags such as PointRoll etc. We test the creative files as per iab standards and provide troubleshooting, reporting and analysis as per requirements.

Creative Services

We design creative files in formats including swf, jpeg & jpg, gif, png as per platform specifications. Waves digital media also provides solutions to satisfy all your creative related requirements. We generates the creative files in high quality with exact specifications and supplies third party tags for the specific platforms.


Our team provides consulting services in Real-time bidding, Programmatic display campaigns, Search engine marketing, Big data analysis, Demand-side and Supply side platforms, Channel inventory and targeting features.

Report & Analysis

We provide numerous reporting and analytical services that makes the clients to understand the spend and revenue values completely. Also we offers the analytical data as per the requirement.

Search Marketing

Our team provides services that encompasses PPC, CPC and CPM, ad group management, auditing, keyword research, reporting, search query report, campaign set up and optimisation.

Web Design

We design static and dynamic websites with high quality content. We provide huge variety of artistic website solutions to furnish your advertising and marketing requirements with high level technologies with responsive design.

OCR Conversion

As well as being equipped with the best high-speed scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) tools and systems available, our data capture team is also well trained in the various methods needed for capturing different types of hard-copy material, both text and images. Depending on the type, size and age of the paper, we employ the most suitable machine to meet your requirement. We are also equipped to clean the image files after scanning to create PDFs of the resolution you require.

XML Conversion

We can also handle any form of electronic input, from application files to PDF to XML. We work with a vast range of content types and formats and can handle any type of conversion, including DTD to DTD, Web-based conversion and XML/SGML and HTML projects.

ePUB Conversion

Our eBook workflow, we convert all your inputs to the ePub format, the basis of all other eBook formats, using an automated process assisted by especially developed tools. We then carry out the quick and simple second-step conversion to the format of your choice. Thanks to the efficiency and simplicity of this workflow, we are able to ramp up at great speed to process higher volumes.






Our Locations

Chennai (Head Office), India

7, 1st Seaward Street, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041


Salem, India

8/368, Konganapuram, Sankari Road, Salem, India 637102


Leipzig, Germany

Antonienstraße 26, Leipzig, Saxony state, Germany 04229


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